Welcome on our website of RC Building machine models.   Do you want to organize any action representing your company with the participation of us as an accompanying programme.contact us Wishing you a great spectacle.












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Welcome on our website of RC Building machines models.

We are a team of model makers interested in building and stock technic.On our pages you can look at photos from some events that we took or will take part in (see Where to find us).Here you can admire building machines type Tatra 815 S3 with trailer, Tatra 815 UDS 114, diggers, building machines of Caterpillar company.For example: loader CAT, dump truck CAT, Mercedes concrete agitator, four-axle Mercedes tipping lorry, crane, Volvo with semi-trailer etc.
Stock technic, we are also interested in, cannot do without storage platform for lorries and trucks that deliver goods.On transfer area you can find high-lift truck type Desta, load models for different types of semi-trailers, pallets with: sugar, flour, OMW and SHELL barrels, ware pipelines and others.On our actions you can also admire bridge building with clay around, pipelines laying with sewer inlets.Then we realize a tightness test and correct placing.Water agitator comes to the construction area, crane lifts the sewer cover and the agitator pours the whole content in it.At this moment pressure and the tightness test is finished.The crane puts the lid on and we leave the area.Definitely a great show!Currently we are working on the development of our machine park, i.e. Tatra 815 dump truck, Tatra 815 cement-mixer, UNC, buldozer and steam roller.












Reflection of one wife

I read a letter in RC CARS magazine of an anonymous wife and I am 99,9% sure that I share her point of view on the matter.I am 100% sure in one thing.Rather than a local tavern, it is better to have RC model on the coffee table in the living room, droning charger on the kitchen line and hydraulics on the bed table in the bedroom.
But when the dear model makers come together and intend to put their machines on the fresh air in our garden, I hold my breath and have no words.Diggers and UDS damage newly made flower-bed and everyone is starring at the treasure that was growing at the flower-bed just a moment ago.Strawberries stop blooming in fear of coming loader CAT destroying them forever.When they plan to put the pipelines and do the tightness test, they do not understand the reasons of blocking their sewerage.The reason is simple.The pipelines got clogged by the sown pea seeds.In this respect they are just amateurs.However the result is wonderful.
After the Building machines departure, it is my turn to use my garden abilities and to put everything back in order.I admit it is very demanding hobby in all respects, but it is beautiful and I am glad that my husband belongs to these „freaks.“







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